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Shontae is a licensed professional counselor, coach, content creator, and psychic iin Boise, Idaho. She is passionate about the evolution of human kind, and has developed a platform specifically around empowering women. She focuses her energy on supporting children, teens, and adults who want to pursue their spiritual awakening. Shontae embraces her psychic gifts to aid in supporting others as they walk on their journey. Her intuition and curiosity are what keep her on this insane path towards spiritual liberation. Shontae enjoys networking with powerhouses and those who want to expand their capacity for impact. She is hungry for knowledge, community, and the human expeirence. Shontae enjoys living life authentically, and you can find her pursuing adventures with her pup Luna, her friends, and family when she isn’t scheming a new project.


Career, Experience, and Education

In 2007, Shontae became an entry-level tech for a local Developmental Disability Agency. Interacting with individuals with disabilities became the catalyst for Shontae’s education, career, and passion for helping others. Graduating in 2012 with a B.S. in psychology only began to fuel Shontae’s mission to support this community. Throughout this time, Shontae worked in various positions to facilitate support.

Shontae acquired her M.S. in Clinical Psychology, with specializations in clinical counseling and sex therapy on June of 2017. She logged hundreds of therapeutic hours to pursue her counseling license, and in June 2018 officially became a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

In July 2018, Shontae became employed as a school counselor at Garden Valley School in Garden Valley, Idaho. Here she served as counselor for approximately 250 students. During this time Shontae worked countless hours with children, ages 3-19, in the school setting. As she worked with children in a variety of flexible methods, Shontae began to dream of better ways to assist individuals on their journey. Feeling limited by the current mental health system, Shontae started to wonder if there might be a way to address wellness in a more modern way. During this time, the love from her students drove her desire to do better and ultimately helped her move forward to venture on her.

In June 2020 Shontae  created her business, Hip and Happy LLC. Along the way, Shontae has picked up certification in hypnotherapy, skills in mindfulness and meditation, and begun to explore holistic and metaphysical supports for wellbeing.

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